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21st December 2010

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it’s not just your speaker, it’s your freedom

the fostex 6301b personal monitor: encased in aluminum, it feels serious, real. not to imply that all music gear inevitably reminds me old cars, but something in the compact boxy design and retro font of the 6301 instantly reminded me of the early-80s chevy citation (“you’ll like the space it doesn’t take up in your garage”). (incidentally, the citation replaced the popular nova, as driven by my great-aunt margaret. only later did i realize she had a totally hot car.) indeed, fostex launched their “rugged and road worthy" speakers in 1982 + the design hasn’t changed much since. for me, its road worthiness most often means carrying it into another room, though i imagine it would be fun to take it farther… recently i attended a tribute to the sound artist maryanne amacher, and one of my favorite anecdotes that someone shared was that maryanne once complained that if cameras and microchips could be so infinitesimally small, why not speakers? then people could walk into a room, grab a handful of speakers out of a box like grains of sand + throw them into the air… 

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