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26th December 2010


moog days of christmas

today, cleaning files off an old hard drive, i unearthed recordings i made of the moog IIIp at mills last march, and listened for interesting excerpts to pull. curiously, i found a little riff that sounds like the “12 days of christmas.” certainly nothing i intended to compose, it may have resulted from knob settings that predated my arrival in the studio. last night i was reading an article on the decline effect of the scientific method, which suggests how scientific conclusions become increasingly difficult to replicate over time. one explanation for this phenomenon is that scientists feel the pull of a dominant paradigm (per kuhn), or of the study’s orientation toward a goal, and interpret data accordingly. in time, the ambient pull shifts toward disproving the claim instead. likewise, i suspect my hearing "six geese a-laying" in the moog riff is enabled by the ambient ubiquity of christmas tunes around the holiday… another time of year, i’d hear it as just another sequence of notes. (( reconsidering listening as acts of occasional interpretation… )) in any case, “switched-on santa" has already been made, amidst the avalanche of imitators following¬†wendy carlos’s pathbreaking album, so i’ll leave this riff behind.¬†

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